How can my relative with a disability come to SNDW?

SNDW communities in Onatio will serve children and adults with a diagnosis of developmental disability. Each province have their own admissions procedure, guided by the policies of the government department from which it receives its funding. However, SNDW communities seek to be open and welcoming of friendships with families where someone has a developmental disability, and they often have social gatherings to which they invite friends and visitors. To learn more about admissions, contact OARTY ot your local community living.

Some people come to SNDW because they are interested in the field of intellectual disability. They are drawn by SNDW's vision, which focuses on the gifts and contributions to our society of those who have developmental disabilities.

Others come to SNDW Vision wanting an experience of life in community. The prospect of living together with people of differing intellectual capacity, social origin, religion and culture is attractive and the experience of building community around the weaker members of our societies challenges them. SNDW knows how to create settings where relationships of mutuality can develop. Also, people find SNDW a good environment for personal growth.

Some people come to SNDW because of a social justice motivation or because the spiritual dimension of SNDW attracts them. SNDW's life together in solidarity with people who are easily marginalized its simple and accepting spirituality. To learn more about becoming a SNDW assistant, click here.

Does one need special training to work in SNDW?
Some people who work with developmentally delayed people have studied in a related area but manyt have not. The first requirement is that applicants have a desire to share life together in a community setting. SNDW invests much in the assistants and friends who help provide support to people with developmental disabilities. Besides training in skills and competence, SNDW provides educational experiences on broader topics that help its members to reflect on their vision of humanity and how they want to live their lives. It does so convinced that the quality of life of the people with developmental disabilities is directly affected by the way caregivers think and relate and the view of the world that they hold.

How is SNDW funded?
SNDW Canada is a non-profit organization. SNDW communities are funded from a combination of private and corporate donations and fundraising. SNDW Canada national support system does not receive any government support and is therefore dependent upon the support of donors.

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