How can I get involved?

Be a financial supporter:

Financial support is vital and deeply appreciated. Consider becoming a partner in our work of building a strong network of SNDW communities across Canada and extending the values and vision of SNDW in our society. We would value your sharing together in our work in this way. Your financial support will make a concrete difference in the lives of individuals and in our society.

Become an assistant:
Assistants live a privileged relationship with people who have developmental disabilities. Consider committing a year of more, or just a few hours a week to living or assisting in a SNDW community. Most assistants live in a SNDW home, sharing life with those with developmental disabilities. For more information about becoming a SNDW assistant, please contact:

Become a volunteer or friend:
Volunteers are needed in a variety of situations: people who will develop stable long-term friendships with an individual member or with one of its homes or programs or who may help in the office or with fundraising project. For more information about becoming a volunteer, please contact:

At the base of humanity is the desire to allow and foster each person’s differences, self esteem and value. It is this kind of world that we must strive to understand and develop. I believe everyone has a gift in life, and we must act now to help those less fortunate. For many people with intellectually disabilities we are their voice.
Anne Larcade,
Founder of SNDW-Mother, and Advocate

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